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Our Privacy Policy was developed to provide our customers and business partners with a better understanding of how we collect, use and safeguard personal information. Please take a minute to read the following Privacy Policy to assist you in your decision of using the site. As we update and expand our site and services this policy is subject to change, so please refer back to the Policy Privacy periodically.

Collected Information
Upon registering at CNI Partners Inc., or one of our business partner sites personal information is asked of our customers and partners. We will not share, sell or rent this information to any to others in any different manner than stated.

Use of Collected Information
The collected information CNI Partners Inc., obtains is used for administrative purposes, providing customer support and informing our partners and customers of other products and services offered. Collected information may be used to inform partners and customers of any relevant changes and or updates to site. You will have the opportunity to notify us of any changes on your behalf.All information collected is to help provide CNI Partners Inc., the best possible customer service.

CNI Partners Inc.,is dedicated to protecting all collected information and will make every reasonable effort to keep obtained personal information private. All collected information will be handled with respect and as careful as possible.

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact a representative at CNI Partners Inc.

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